Cherry Popped.

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

After probably the best part of 10 years of me telling myself I have the best sense of humour of anyone I know, and the thoughts in my head would intrigue and amuse people, I have finally posted my first blog.  

I don’t feel any different.  Maybe I didn’t do it right… I can’t do it again though because it would then be my second blog entry right?   Now, I know (Because I have become familiar with the way my head works), that I’m going to be thinking over this post and reading it about 50 times in the next day convincing myself it was an ok post.  It’s not even for anyone else to read to be fair.  This is just going to be me, recording my thoughts and opinions so that I can look back on them from time to time, have a nice nostalgic reminder of times in my life (Cause I love to get nostalgic but I never dwell on the past )and hopefully convince myself I am a normal person.  

Let’s see how it pans out before I confirm that.

Memorable event, seeing as I’m going to treat this like a diary – I just put up some bunting outside our house for the Jubilee weekend.  I get embarrassed doing things like that thinking to myself “What if the neighbours see me”?  Surely that the whole point?  Well, it’s up now and I like it!  Maybe the miserable gits round the corner will see it and decide I’m not such a disgusting neighbour.  I do hope so! 



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